We are all about providing people with the right information to help their kitchen come to life. That is why we have followed on from out previous page of “Making your Kitchen Stand Out: Four Small Ideas” with another page with four more valuable ideas that can make the difference to your kitchen, without having to blow the budget and go overboard. Take your time, read our pointers and bring the kitchen in your Parramatta, Wahroonga or Ryde home to life:

  1. Maximise the natural life to bring your kitchen to life. You want wide open windows for this, so you can bring out all the colour and excitement of your kitchen. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing the light come through the windows onto your kitchen. Look to maximise this potential.

  2. Add drawers to places that you might think they could be. This includes sitting areas, under the table and where you would put those de-cluttered appliances. This will open up your kitchen and give you more space to work with. Plus, this is where you can keep those annoying space-taking, but sometimes valuable appliances that take up room.

  3. Add the right type of light globes. You know there is a whole range of different light globes with different degrees of shade. Each one can have a wide impact on the look and atmosphere of your kitchen. Take your time and look at the list of globes, their shades and see what can make the difference for your kitchen. A brighter light can make everything stand out, while a dimmer light could enhance the look of your kitchen’s colours. Mix and match and see what works with your kitchen.

  4. Change the handles of your cabinets. This might seem basic, but it can actually change the whole appearance of your kitchen. Look for the right types of handles, their colours and see how they can work with your kitchen. These little changes can make a big impact on the atmosphere of your kitchen.

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