There comes a time when you look at your bathroom and realise that it might be time for a renovation. But what is this sign that triggers you off? You might realise it at the time, but there is a sign, or signs, that make you decide that it time for a new stylish bathroom.

To that end, here are the signs that highlight that you need a bathroom renovation.


Bathrooms, just like any other part of a home, becomes outdated in terms of style, design and fashion. While it is impossible to stay up to day with every modern change, if you get the feelings that your bathroom reminds of you of your childhood, then it’s time to change it.

Lack of Space and Storage.

Are you finding that your bathroom is getting too small for you? Is there a lack of storage space? The fact is if you’re overloading your bathroom and have no room, it is time to get it renovated. While you might think that it is limited thanks to your room size, the size of your bathtub, shower, vanities and so forth actually take up much of it. Renovating this will make a difference.

You might be selling.

Renovations are great for any part of a home because it does one thing: increases its value. Home buyers, investors and real estate agents look kindly on newly renovated bathrooms. Don’t consider renovations as a costly exercise; think of it as an investment opportunity.

Damaged Goods.

You got water leaking on the floor, you got rust on your shower, you have scratches on your bathtub. If your bathroom is damaged all over, renovations will bring it back to life.

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