When you’re thinking about kitchen renovations, you can’t just jump right in. You are going to need plenty of planning, preparations, as well as the debating of what you actually want in your kitchen, the style, the appliances, the level of quality. It can be quite overwhelming. But we want to help, which is why we got factors that you should nail first to make the rest of the process as easy as ever.

Measure Your Budget

When it comes to nailing down your budget, consider how much you can afford, as well as how much you actually want to spend. This will give you a good estimate how about you much you need. Then…add a little extra. Renovations always cost due to unexpected costs and problems. Make sure you have a little extra in case something happens.

Decide The Layout & Function

Before taking into account the style of your kitchen, you have to think how will it all function together. You have to figure out how you’re going to work while you cook your meals, how much space you are going to need for people to walk comfortably through it, how you’re going to access your appliances and how want the whole room to function in one go.

Your Appliances

What are you going to actually use in your home? Too many homeowners buy unnecessary products that they don’t need. It ends up blowing up their budget and takes up too much space in their kitchen, which leads to…

Storage Space

Plates, cups, mugs, knives, spoons, forks, blenders, the list goes on and on. You must consider how much space you are going to need in your new kitchen. This will be an important factor during the design process as it can have massive implications later on. Take measurements and really focus on how much space you will need.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Your new kitchen should match the overall design and style of your home. Making it completely different will make your kitchen feel out of place. Keep a consistent flow throughout your house and keep it flowing with your new kitchen. Take into account colours, style and architecture.

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