Your kitchen is one room in your house where you can give free reign to your creative juices and whip up delicious meals that are sure to delight friends and family. However, it is not only the place where meals are cooked but can be an important place for family to gather and share their day in addition to partaking of nutritious foods. Scientists have discovered that the average adult spends up to 72 minutes a day cooking in the kitchen, which is why it is imperative that you make this space as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Looking for some great ideas for your Melbourne designer kitchen? Below are a few of the best colours you can use:

  1. Pale blue:
    If you are looking to create a serene space where you can relax and cook after a long, hard day at work, you cannot go wrong with pale blue. Reminiscent of spring skies and rolling oceans, this colour has a calming effect that will help you wind down after a difficult day.

  2. Bright red:
    Looking to bring some energy to an otherwise dull space? Then bright red is the colour for you. Full of warm tones that brighten the mood of a room as well as drawing people to interact in it, bright red is the right colour for bringing people together in a certain space. Pair it with brilliant white for a nice contrast and Christmassy effect.

  3. Country green:
    Indulge you inner cottager by painting your kitchen in this muted colour that brings to mind holidays in the country, flowers in the garden and a general feeling of simplicity. Use it on cabinets, kitchen chairs and countertops and pair it with gingham tablecloths and wild flowers for the quintessential cottage feel.

  4. Dramatic Black:
    Black is a great colour for creating some drama especially in small spaces with ultra modern appliances. Paint it on cabinets and match it to large appliances of the same colour to create an unforgettable look that will make great conversational fodder at your next dinner party.

  5. Salmon pink:
    Give your kitchen a retro vibe with salmon pink which brings to mind vintage ads for home appliances. Throw in a few vintage inspired appliances to complete the picture of a kitchen paradise presided over by the chiefest of domestic goddesses (you).

The right colour is essential to enjoying your kitchen even as you perform the crucial task of preparing healthy meals for you and your family. Ensure to pick colours in line with your personal taste in order to create the perfect kitchen for your needs.

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