With 15 years experience, Sydney Style Kitchens has firmly established itself as the premier kitchen creators and solution providers in the Baulkham Hill area. Our dedication to the job and our highl level customer service is all aimed at ensuring that you get the dream kitchen you want in your house. That is the high quality that Sydney Style Kitchens offers.

Platform to Create.

Our approach to all Baulkham Hill residents is to provide them with a solid platform for them to create the kitchen they want. We have several open and adaptable solutions, which can be catered to suit your kitchen requests and requirements. We believe in letting your imaginations run wild and we provide you with the platform for it.

All our products and materials are made of the highest Australian quality, ensuring that when we work together to create your kitchen, you will be left with a full functional and long lasting kitchen. Our success track record proves that when it comes to creating kitchens, we are the team.

Ready for You!

And we are waiting for you! If you are looking to renovate or remodel your kitchen into a brand new sparkling design, contact us today. We can get the ball rolling to bring your dream kitchen to life. Call us today on 0405 740 142 or 02 9826 6871, or email us at sydneystylekitchens@hotmail.com.

To get your own kitchen designed for your Baulkham Hills house, come to our professionals. We can create the custom kitchen that you have always wanted.
With our flat pack kitchens service, we can create the kitchen you want, in the design you want, and provide you with the easiest instructions so that you can install it.
If you are looking to install your dream kitchen in your Baulkham Hills home, then you can trust our team to make the difference for you. We can everything you need in the team of professionals.
With our team of professionals, our experience, our knowledge and our passion, we can help you create the kitchen you want for your home, thanks to our renovation services.

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